05 March, 2005

Yes Virginia, There is an Axis of Evil

Not exactly breaking news, but then again the MSM doesn't go out of its way to feature this kind of story, does it? It comes from Reuters and AP, but the Turkish Daily News is the only news outlet that's carrying the specific quotes. (Yahoo Asia's coverage has apparently been removed - cache here.)

"The people of the DPRK (North Korea) and Iran have established friendly and cooperative ties, and supported, and closely cooperate with each other on the road of the struggle for independence against imperialism," KCNA reported a top North Korean official saying at a reception with Iran's ambassador to the reclusive state. The statement follows in a series of comments on the warm ties between the two countries that have been reported in North Korean media since Feb. 10, when Pyongyang officially announced for the first time it had nuclear weapons.

Note again how the terms favored by our enemies ('imperialism') and those favored by the domestic left are precisely the same. Either they're both right, or... they're both completely whacked. Hmm, let's see...