14 April, 2005

Hillary Clinton as America's Tony Blair?

It pains me to even contemplate it, but a long history of importation of cultural and political trends from Britain, plus these remarks by Mark Steyn (in an interview conducted by Hugh Hewitt), make it hard dismiss the possibility that that's exactly where she's headed - and that she might succeed.

If the Democratic Party had been able to come up with a Tony Blair figure, who was credible on national security and foreign policy, and yet was also a great big pantywaist on all the health care and the rest of it, they could conceivably have won the election. It's their inability to produce a Tony Blair figure that's held them back... [Hillary Clinton is] basically the one woman, the one person in that party who's in a position to move to the right, or at least pretend to move to the right on issues like abortion and so forth, without offending the Democratic Party base. She's big enough to get away with it...