01 April, 2005

Intricate Plot to Kill Pope in 1981

Newsflash: Ronald Reagan called it right. There is true evil in the world.

This is getting more complex by the hour, but hang with me here: The attempted murder of the Pope in 1981 was apparently plotted in Moscow, facilitated by Sofia (Bulgaria, that is), coordinated by East Berlin, handed to Turkish terrorists, and executed by Mehmet Ali Agca, (OK, we knew that last bit. Agca has since been pardoned in Italy, but is serving time for a previous murder back in Turkey.)

Now, in a twist worthy of a Dan Brown novel, Acga is saying he was aided by Vatican insiders. (Why that comes out only now that it's clear that the Pope probably won't be saying much anymore, we don't know, but it smells funny.) The Germans deny involvement. As do individuals implicated by the old files. Both Italy and Poland will be investigating further.

Through all this, the image I like most is this one - the epitome of forgiveness and redemption.

[Hat tip: The Anchoress, whom I'm starting to like a lot and read regularly. See blogroll.]

Update and side note: My spidey sense won't stop tingling at the coincidence of two innocents leaving us and dominating the headlines right around Holy Week, 1290+ days after 9-11. This is either totally whacked, (I'll be the first to admit.) Or massively important. Take your pick.

UPDATE I: More good background here from the ever-sensible Donald Sensing.

UPDATE II: Powerline has this synopsis of a USNews article on the plot, adding to the intrigue with a reminder that Acga trained with the PLO and Syria in a Lebanese camp in the late '70s.

UPDATE III: This piece in the Washington Times yesterday provides yet more context.