30 June, 2005

Democrat Voter Fraud Convictions

Not that I'm terribly surprised, but despite its national implications, none of the coastal-liberal papers (New York Times, Boston Globe, LA Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, SFO Chronicle, etc.) give even a line-item mention of the conviction this week of all five Democratic defendents in East St. Louis on election fraud and conspiracy charges. Fortunately, we have Gateway Pundit doing saturation coverage complete with pictures and dozens of links to previous stories.

The Chicago Sun Times comes out with this (without naming the political party of the defendents in the headline!) That's probably only in response to its rival (The Chicago Tribune) coming out with this. Why is it that we heard so much from the MSM about Diebold voting machine conspiracies, Jeb Bush, nefarious plots in Ohio and other nutty-wacko theories that would seem ridiculous in a parody, yet actual convictions for actual fraud in a court of law as decided by a jury (in only five hours after a month of hearing evidence!) gets buried completely?