26 September, 2006

Better to Rule in Hell...

...than to serve the larger interests of a nation run by the man you perceive to have gotten what you always desired and never got: love.

I was musing with a fellow blogger Sunday about Bill Clinton's angry, defensive, self-centered, purple-faced, possibly premeditated and--how can we say this delicately--characteristically counter-factual outburst on FOX the other night and whether it made him a candidate for being (or perhaps becoming) the anti-Christ.

I said musing. :)

Unlike Ahmadinejad or Chavez, he has the good looks (I'm told). Beyond that, there are elements of his internal experience that make for interesting parallels. Narcissism. Grandiosity. The need to be loved and the irony that his fame makes it impossible to tell if that love is for real. Envy. Anger. Self-justifying lies. Our credentialed (and amateur) psych bloggers have offered some extremely astute analysis of that experience--without the anti-Christ stuff, which I leave as an amusing or terrifying exercise for the reader.

In particular, Dr. Sanity, ShrinkWrapped, Siggy and The Anchoress explore what makes Bill tick. I particularly like the Anchoress' take, drawing on a post she wrote a year ago that, but for a few items in current headlines, reads as if it were written yesterday:

I wonder if in Clinton’s profound need to be loved, either by “his public” or his “Bush parents” he is not approaching a place that is very self-destructive. Hate and love are separated by a thin line, and the thin line is often made up of equal parts self-loathing and doubt.
The ABC documentary based on the 9-11 commission report must feel like a public rebuke--a confirmation of his precipitous and accelerating fall from the hope of a respect-filled legacy. With it goes the potential for the kind of moment-to-moment public adulation he so craves. And all of that seems to be stirring up a witches brew of vitriolic emotions creating (we can only assume) a kind of personal hell-on-earth. The degre to which Mr. Clinton makes that hell contagious in the world is still an open question. Can you say UN Secretary General? Shudder...

How ironic that the man who claimed to have felt, as a child, the pain of black churches being burned in his home state (nothing of the kind actually took place, as Siggy points out) is being called to account by a black woman in power... who actually did.